Environment and Sustainability

At Parker’s, sustainability and reducing environmental impact is an important part of our business. That’s why we use Canon papers and Xerox toner.

Canon has created the Top Color Digital paper range which is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. This means the paper is produced from sustainable forests where replanting equals extraction levels. Beyond this, Canon have worked to reduce emissions in manufacturing by 40% since 2008 (an average of 4.7% per year) and have improved environmental impact from logistics by reducing packaging and shipping frequency.

Xerox Dry Ink Toner is produced from carefully selected materials that do not produce hazardous waste and is free from petroleum distillates.  The end result is print that is widely recyclable using standard deinking processes. In addition, the Xerox Green World Alliance program provides a mechanism for us to return empty cartridges for recycling.

We have weekly recycling collections from Veolia who collect all our waste from print and packaging. Nothing is wasted and is always recycled appropriately. For more information please see Veolia’s recent activity on their current movement of ecological transformation:


In the last two years we have gone paperless within the office and our invoicing has been paperless for many years. A major change to digitalised processes has been put in place to reduce office waste.

We proudly chose DPD as our delivery provider based on their active efforts to be the “greenest delivery company on the planet”. For more information please see this link for their recent efforts: