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Accessible, High-Quality Courses for All Industries

Imagine transforming your business’s training program into a seamless, flexible, and accessible experience for all employees. In today’s fast-paced digital world, online learning has become not just a convenience, but a necessity.

The online learning industry has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, driven by both necessity and technological advancements. The isolation during COVID-19, coupled with the proliferation of high-speed internet and affordable, high-quality recording equipment, has made creating online courses more accessible for businesses and attending them more convenient for users.

We recently partnered with Care Research, whose website we built a year ago, to integrate a robust learning platform into their services. The goal of this collaboration is to offer efficient, professional training to staff in the care industry. This platform enables businesses to provide their employees with high-quality training that can be accessed anywhere and at any time. Additionally, it allows businesses to monitor their staff’s progress throughout the courses, ensuring a continuous and effective learning experience.

The Platform

As the website was built with the WordPress platform, we were able to set up the course on a dedicated members plugin – MemberPress. 

  • MemberPress is specifically designed for memberships. It not only allows users to signup and become members, it also handles transaction fees and renewals, including reminders and cancellations.
  • With MemberPress we can easily control what parts of the website are visible to members and non-members. For instance, not only can we hide an entire course from non-members, but we can choose to show 1 or 2 lessons from a 10 lesson course to non-members as a preview.
  • MemberPress is designed to be as easy to use as WordPress, but also maintain the high functionality WordPress is known for. Courses can be designed to match your existing websites look and feel, rather than feeling like a bolted on extra.
  • End-users are at the core of the design, so high accessibility is a must. The platform has a responsive design, allowing users to access courses just as effectively on mobile as on a desktop computer.

There are many other benefits for users that businesses can consider when considering the platform.

  • Users can log on at any point during their work day, and from wherever they are. Training does not have to be scheduled at a certain time or place, and depending upon their device access, it can be undertaken on a mobile device.
  • Comparing the costs of online training with that of traditional in person lessons, it is easy to see the benefits. Our client spends more initially creating the courses, but only has to do so once, this is then distributed through the website to paying members. For businesses, they also pay an initial fee but this is far less than arranging multiple days of training for larger teams, including using or hiring spaces or venues, losing entire days of staff output, and having to do so again and again for new starters or absentees.
  • By creating a comprehensive course, businesses can be reassured that their staff will have had access to all the information they need to be effective.

Staff training is a fantastic way to add value to a business. Whether this is direct skills, ethics, efficiency, or any number of other topics, enabling staff to succeed in their roles makes all businesses more efficient, and therefore more profitable.

We can help you to set up training courses which can be as open or as railed and rigid as you envision. For instance, you may prefer users to have access to all your lessons at once, or they might be required to work through them in a specific order. You may group your lessons into modules, with each module having a final quiz that needs to be passed before they can move on. We are here to help you create what works best for your users.

Whether you are a business who needs to train your staff, or a business looking to sell a course, we can provide accounts with access levels which allow a main user to track their staff’s progress. Our client has produced their course and wants to make it available to businesses in the care sector. When a business owner signs up, their account can invite a set number of sub-accounts, simply by sending an email invite. Once the sub-account user has signed up, their progress through the course is displayed to the main account holder.

By adopting the online learning course offered by our client, businesses can ensure their staff receive high quality, essential training in a convenient, accessible delivery system. The business has a long-term training strategy straight out of a box – no more scheduling conflicts. Businesses can also feel more confident in their staff, who feel more confident after completing the training.

Take a look

Care Research offer a free look at a mini version of their course, where you can check out the interface and see the course from a users view point, whether on desktop or mobile device.

If you have an idea for a course, or would like to talk about moving your businesses training online, give us a call and we can set up a meeting.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the possibilities of online learning with Parkers. We believe there is huge potential for course creators and businesses alike to get their content to users in an efficient and cost effective way that improves the learning experience for everybody.

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