Getting more website traffic for free

by | Mar 22, 2023 | Blog

One of the best ways to get more website traffic for free to your site is to answer a question people are asking.

All businesses are there to provide answers to questions with products or services – normally in exchange for payment.

But sometimes the questions we are answering can be quite narrow in focus. We are offering a product or service to people who are, at the very least, looking for exactly that.

What else do we have to offer though? Well to get to where you are, you probably didn’t just learn about the product or service you are providing. You probably also know about similar products, or the history behind your service – why it is needed at all, or how to best use what you sell.

“How can I prepare my files for print?”

Now, if like me you frequently look up how to do things via your favourite search engine, you will most commonly find that information on either blogs or forums.

Be sure to have Google Analytics active on your website to analyse your traffic (and update your cookie policy)

Whilst forums are normally community based, blogs are more individual or business based.

People who write blogs want users to read their content. Years ago this was simply a blog or web-log, much like an open diary, but today individuals and businesses use blogs to bring in masses of users who would otherwise not even know their website existed.

“What resolution should images be for web?”

By answering a specific question which has relevance to your core output (and with good SEO) you can bring in high quality, relevant traffic which can become leads or sales.

And this is exactly what we’re doing with this blog, as an example.

We know not everyone who has a website wants a new design, but (almost) everyone who owns a website wants more traffic for free.

And whilst you, our new visitor who has never heard of Parkers Design and Print before, are here you might take a look at some of our other services. Perhaps you will like our website, and when the time comes to get a new one for your business (after the surge in growth from the tips in this blog), you will ask us for a quote.

So ask yourself what questions you’ve been asked about your business lately, or what new ideas have been going around your industry, or what new lesson you have learnt yourself recently.

Start writing your blog from the point of view of someone searching for the answer – how might they word the question? Would they use technical language or layman’s terms? By matching the format of the question within the article, it makes it easier for search engines such as Google to match the content with that search query.

“What’s web hosting and domain hosting?”

After asking the question you can provide the answer however you wish. If you would like to follow the online cooking recipe model and have a lengthy story almost without relevance to the answer, then you can take the time to write it (but do be aware that most cooking sites also include a “jump to recipe” button).

This can increase time on your website which generally also increases the likelihood of a conversion or repeat visit. Or, it can increase the amount of advertisement views throughout a webpage if you have them scattered through your content.

Having trouble getting started? Try using AI tools to write the bones of the blog, then fine tune the results –

If you don’t have the time or interest to write your memoir between the question and the answer you can give your reader what they want within a couple of paragraphs.

But don’t let them walk out of the store just yet.

This is an interested, motivated user who has visited (or wandered, stumbled, or fallen) onto your website. This is the traffic you want, and (hopefully) you were the website they wanted, so try to get them to become a regular visitor.

This is normally where an email prompt pops up asking for you to subscribe to the websites mailing list. Personally I hate these but I know from experience that these really work. You won’t get 100% of users subscribing, but you will get more than before.

Once you have a few blog posts written you can present those to users to increase engagement. If you are an online shop you can showcase some products which are relevant to the blog.

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