What can I call my new business?

by | Sep 20, 2023 | Blog

When you start your new business, having a name that resonates and reflects your new venture is probably the thing that you think about first…

That name needs to not only convey what you’ll be doing but also the way you are going to do it.

Many people opt for the easy version…it’s my business so it’s going to be my name…

JA Walker – Building Surveyor

No mess, no fuss; just good, clean facts.

Straight away though, you are a one man band and as much as that might suit what you are doing at present…what happens when you expand and want work that needs more than one person?

What about a good solid word that summons up the emotion that you want your customers to feel when looking for a business?




The list goes on…

Does it feel personal enough…does it convey the family values that are at the heart of my business?

What about random & creative

An animal + a colour + sprinkle of alliteration

Blue Badger Building Surveyors

When I started my business, I bought an existing printers called Parkers Print…it had been going for 30 years and had built up a reputation. I didn’t want to risk losing that customer base so gaily added the word “design” to make it Parkers Design & Print. I often get addressed as Mrs Parker which I actually quite like..

A management consultant who gave me some advice said losing the word Print would place me more in the design agency realm…instantly increasing my charges and potential customers seeing me in a better light.

I took offence. I am a printer as well though? Lots of good revenue comes from those printing machines that he wanted me to hide in dark corners…and fundamentally the reason I wanted to buy the printers was because I was disappointed with my industry and all the BS that came along with design agencies. I wanted a business that was accessible to all, small & large, and gave a superb service and advice along with actually delivering on the physical marketing materials.

When I choose to use a company, do I make that decision based on its name? No, for me it’s always on recommendation or great reviews…so my advice would be don’t stress too much or overthink it…do what you like the sound of but make sure your customer knows what you actually do.

So Parkers Design & Print it will stay…what’s in a name after all?

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