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by | Apr 13, 2023 | Design

Minters Tree Care approached us with a request for an updated tree care logo. The design they had was a detailed illustration of three trees with the company name, but they wanted something fresh.

The client was undecided on a new direction so we created a host of options.

Tree Care Logos

A tree is perhaps one of the most illustrated elements of nature in all of human history. As such there are many influences to draw upon when creating a logo. As you can see, our designers came up with many styles to represent the tree care company.

Logo Development

After presenting the ideas to the client there was one in particular which stood out to them. We worked closely with them to develop the concept.

Tree Care Logos development

By offering numerous options on each round we could refine the idea towards what the client liked.

Sometimes during the design phase prefer to leave the whole process to our skilled designers and simply choose from options. Other times clients may prefer to come in and work with a designer, or indeed draw their own versions. We like to be flexible in our approach and accommodate different client approaches because we are all working towards the same goal.

Minters Facebook post

Source: Minters Facebook

File formats and client handoff

Once the final version of the tree care logo was agreed we created the various formats that could be required for future uses. These include full colour versions as well as all black and all white. They are supplied in file formats such as vectors which can be scaled with design software, as well as JPEG and PNG files and a PDF version. This allows the client to use the logo in almost any application. We also retain the original design file should they need to revisit any elements, update anything, or have it supplied in other formats.

We were delighted to help Minters with their new identity and look forward to seeing it in use!

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